Monday, February 9, 2009

Electronic resources and time-sinks of the young and the restless

"The internet giveth and taketh away"

In terms of giveth, I was wondering if readers had any reaction to this site for teens: "That's not cool" -- advice on how to navigate the electronic social world.

Topics include "where do you draw your digital lines" and "call out cards" (some of these are pretty mean -- are they jokes?)

In terms of taketh away, a sophomore writes about pulling the plug on Facebook. College kids tell me about feeling hurt when a friend greets them in real life with "What's up?" -- the immediate implication is that the friend doesn't know they just broke up with a bf or came out as gay -- with the consequent feeling of rejection: they're not even reading my FB page.

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Dan said...

Re the not cool site, it sure makes me happy I'm not a teenager. Hopefully most of them can keep to a minimum the number of lame moments that require a call out card.