Friday, January 19, 2007

I wouldn't want to be in the lifeboat with you...

"The bed covers slide more on to my side because of physical dynamics of the our positions, the down filling getting squished on this side, and who rolls over more!"

My husband snorted,"Yeah... but I'm not gettin in the life boat with you, baby".

"Well, the evolutionary psychologists say that that for women, its 'Staying Alive' that really matters -- there's an entire target article in Behavior and Brain Sciences defending this idea." (Readers: just google three words, Staying alive evolution)


"Men can do acts of heroism that have some probability of ending in death. If they die, their heroism will cause the community to heap rewards on their family members. Or they may need to attempt heroic acts to get a mate in the first place. But in life-or-death situations, women have to focus on staying alive, because mothers' direct caregiving is usually essential for ensuring their children reach reproductive maturity."

"Ha ha. That was then. Now, no way. Get out of that lifeboat bitch, I've got books to write!"

This made sense to me and I mentally entered a "score 1" for my husband. "I see. You're focused on an entirely different type of posterity -- the success of your memes, not your genes!"

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