Monday, April 20, 2009

Pack of six lean black women just raced by my window!

Six Black Women in the lead -- one doesn't see that very often, tailed by a lone white woman. Then a long gap, and the other white women appeared.

Ok, why focus on their race? ha ha. No pun intended. I dunno... Not an everyday sight, that's all. And now the men are sweeping by.

Yeah, I've complained that H and I live in a student ghetto and major homelessness hangout with raucous partyers and drunks making noise all night long.

But once a year there's another kind of raucous yelling on our street -- The Boston Marathon!

Huge burst of cheers -- what could that be? Who'd get more cheers than the Ethiopian female frontrunners?

OMG -- a guy with amputated legs, running on steel limbs!!! I'll try to find pix.

Update. Couldn't fit a pic of the amputee running on steel legs, but this report about amputees in the wheelchair category is pretty chilling (*15*):

Minard is one of 15 Iraq war veterans - all double amputees - slated to compete tomorrow in the Boston Marathon. They are part of the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans, run by the New York-based Achilles Track Club, which works to help disabled men and women compete in mainstream athletic events.

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