Sunday, December 7, 2008

Can we shall together? A Found Poem

To me of 28 years.
Growth 171 see dark, eyes beautiful,
a figure sports.
Formation the maximum.

On character kind,
sympathetic and quiet.
Not for the husband.
Children while are not present.

I live in very beautiful city - Cheboksariy.
My hobbies - music, sports, housekeeping, knitting.
Music, from classical up to modern.
I love sports,
I like to prepare and be engaged in house affairs.

Yet has not met that the man to which could trust and pass on
a vital way to a place and consequently I dream
to get acquainted for serious attitudes
with kind, good, cultural and clever the man.
Where you wash the unique and tender reliable friend??!!

With greater impatience I look forward to hearing from you Masha!!!

Editor's note: Our experts have identified this poem as a low match to the vocabulary and grammar of a human English speaker, and suggest the English was produced by translation from Russian by a computer program.

From HumanProject: Dear Masha. Your poem reminds me of the words of the famous cultural anthropologist Edward Hall, who wrote, "... good art persists and art that releases its message all at once does not."

I am still pondering the meaning of "Children while are not present." I imagine. They are away back home, being taken care of by a woman who is my age, a youngish Babushka, a clerk in a government office. You miss your children and they you, but they know you are hard at the business of using your lovely brown eyes to secure their future.

Masha's email available on request.


HumanProject said...

I found Mash's letter on spamavert from just 2 days ago. Same text, except -- while I thought "Can we shall together" quite fetching, here was a another delightful subject: "You in me will not be disappointed!" Ah, Masha! But you would, me....

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so disappointed, I thought Masha wrote to me personally... :(

I should have understood that I am not the only kind, good, cultural and clever the man. But maybe you will come and do me some house affairs anyway?

HumanProject said...

thanks for the chuckle!

Out of human curiosity, I do wonder what happens to these letter writers; how do they sift through the responses they receive. If you have an attractive photo and you're looking for marriage/immigration, is it more effective to go to a conventional dating site, or do this kind of spam mailing...

Edmond Caldwell said...

"Where you wash the unique and tender reliable friend."

That's the line I found really compelling. I think it's a baptism metaphor, and the unique tender reliable friend is the Holy Ghost.

Or not.

Anonymous said...

Ha! You gotta love the way those auto-matic translators work. Let this be a lesson to those that try to cheat their way out of learning a language. Yet still there's something about it that makes it appealing to read...I truly thought it was a haiku when I began reading it.

HumanProject said...

Ahhhh... the difficulties of learning a foreign language. Where does one even begin to muse on that topic.

When I speak with any of my international students, and I speak eloquently, articulately with each word picking up a subtle contrast from the alternatives my parallel processing network considered and discarded -- in my first language -- and they speak with hesitation and backtracking, garbling phonemes, butchering syntax, trying to find the mot juste, speaking in their second, third or fourth language.... Then, that is when I bow down, when I feel how awesome are everyday human abilities.

Anonymous said...

I must apologize and say a very heartfelt thank you for reminding me that our human abilities are indeed awesome. Re-reading my comment I was struck at the arrogance of it. Having been brought up tri-lingual I always took it for granted that anyone who didn't speak or speak well in another language was simply either too lazy or didn't care enough to learn it. I should have known better, and am grateful for your reminder. It was indeed humbling.

HumanProject said...

Aw shucks, let's not fight... I feel we're on the same side in this debate