Friday, August 31, 2007

Battlestar Galactica: Why can't it be better?

H and I just watched the BSG Season 3 Finale after buying blackmarket DVDs from China.

We can now tally up who are the 12 cylons.

The original 7 (3 female)

3 LucyLawless (Dana?) ( her line was boxed)
6 Goldie (often can side with humans)
Sharon/Athena (her model was always weak)
Lebhoen (Starbuck's captor)
The psychologist who was outed and who was a badie on New Caprica and liked fracking Tigh's wife Ellen
The black doctor on The Farm
The weasily guy who appears in the opening

The mysterious 5 (2 female)

Starbuck (not completely revealed yet)
Tory (Laura Roslyn's assistant)
The Chief
Colonel Saul Tigh
Sam from the Caprica resistence

Notes: 5 cylon models are females. All the females are of child-bearing age

Of the 7 males, 2 are middle-aged (60 years old).

The distribution of genders and ages among the Cylon models approximates OUR society's cultural values. Older men have more play time in the show than older women, and they are more numerous among the cylon models than are older women. In fact, no women over age 55 has any role in the show at all (Laura Rosslyn is probably supposed to be around 50-55), while Colonel Tigh has to be at least 60 and Adama at least 55.

While the show is commendable for portraying interesting and strong female characters, only young women are allowed these roles. Laura Rosslyn is an exception and I certainly appreciate her, but she is still younger than the 2 male leads.

Now we learn that the cylons also prefer women who are young. They apparently did not think it useful to create any older women models, while they created 2 older male models.

The cylon also like their white meat and like gentlemen, they prefer blonds. Sure, I think "Six" is hot shit eye candy, but why not find a gorgeous black or hispanic actress?

Its kind of disgusting and much as I like the show, these casting choices make my skin crawl.

I'm waiting for a 65 year old women to get a major role like Adama or Saul Tigh.


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